the basketcase (dammitcarl) wrote in big_foam_finger,
the basketcase

the tapes

so sad, but slodwick spotted it, and i had to agree that clark's last message was a good ending. now i'll be poking her during nanowrimo as we go back and forth again, filling in the gaps with story. 'cause not everyone knows that bernstein is clark's cat, and, honestly, i want to know what present lex brought back from toronto, and what exactly happened in that shower.

but while we're working on that, you can have this.

the tapes, in lj format.

the tapes, in html format.

didn't i tell you we were whores?
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What about Gat? No one cares what happened to him! Poor fella gets no love!
and yes. whores.

Yeah, but you're MY whores.

I mean, you're whores who I worship. In a newbie-to-BNF way.

I flove you.

can't i be a whore you worship in the pay-me-for-sex way?


Oh, yeah, baby. Right here, right now.
*flashes boob*

Twenty dollar.
I really love this!
And I can’t wait to read those in-between stories. ;-)

Nicely done guys!
hey, sorry i never responded to this comment. sometimes they get lost in the shuffle. but, thank you. we always appreciate knowing that people are reading.
When is there going to be more? Please
there will be more. we just don't know when. all i can say is stay tuned!
Where can I find the past stories of it? Hope you have a good T-day.
the stories are all here at this community journal. just click on big_foam_finger and you can read all the stories on the front page. good luck!
When will we get more of Hockey Lex and Clark! It's been soooo long:(
well, slod and i do a lot of other stuff. and i'm a really slow writer. we also go to school. but i try to give the 'gliders just as much attention as my other projects. you just have to be patient.

Re: When


14 years ago

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