the basketcase (dammitcarl) wrote in big_foam_finger,
the basketcase

face off

i just wanted to post this bit of chat as proof that we haven't abandoned hockey!lex. i should also say that pearl_o isn't always this mean.

this conversation started with this comment from slodwick.

jess: you know, slod, it would be so cute if caroline was in the hockeyverse

slod: i was thinking that too

jess: we could put her in a peewee team

slod: like... she's all hero-worshippy of clark, and plays pee...
slod: yes

jess: and jonathan would love it

slod: and Lex could be one of her favorite players.

jess: they could do one of those between period game things
jess: where the whole family comes to metropolis

slod: pee weespeed trials!
slod: wee speed
slod: she could shoot goals for a prize

jess: and everyone's jealous 'cause her brother knows lex luthor

slod: yes. "knows" him.

erica: I am refusing to acknowledge your conversation because I don't think you guys are ever going to write anything.
erica: Biblically?

slod: eventually.

jess: why must you force your deadlines on our creativity?

slod: this is an organic universe, dammit.
slod: it grows as it will.
slod: ... and i'm waiting until after the BBQ

erica: Wait, am I the Man now?

slod: Schman.

jess: or we could call you the establishment
jess: which do you prefer?
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