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Boys on Ice

Friday, October 31, 2003

4:50PM - the tapes

so sad, but slodwick spotted it, and i had to agree that clark's last message was a good ending. now i'll be poking her during nanowrimo as we go back and forth again, filling in the gaps with story. 'cause not everyone knows that bernstein is clark's cat, and, honestly, i want to know what present lex brought back from toronto, and what exactly happened in that shower.

but while we're working on that, you can have this.

the tapes, in lj format.

the tapes, in html format.

didn't i tell you we were whores?

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Thursday, October 30, 2003

2:26AM - the tapes

while doing this audblog thing, and slod said: "i was thinking it would be cute to have a series of answering machine messages between the two boys." and then i went to bed, so, of course, the boys started talking.

please do not comment on this post, as slod and i will be writing this in the comments section. feel free to read along. we will post it complete separately for you to stroke our egos because we are whores that way.

leave a message after the beep.

i just hung up on you. you're in pittsburgh and i'm still here. you jerked off in the hotel bathroom while i was talking and listening. you knew i was blushing the whole time, didn't you? you knew gaetan could hear you through the door. you make me crazy, lex. you make me stay up way too late, and leave silly messages on answering machines. i didn't even get a chance to write out what i wanted to say. i'm probably forgetting everything. it doesn't matter. what i really wanted to say is that i miss you, and i don't remember if i said that, or not. and come home.

call me when you hear this. or, if i'm there, with you, kiss me.

howie? be a good boy. i'll be over at lunch, and we can go for a run.


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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

4:53PM - that flirting thing

i write hockey!lex for slodwick so she'll write him for me, too. thank you to liviapenn, who always makes me sound better. fox1013 laughed in the right places. i was supposed to give a shout-out to ziggy palffy for scrunchy, but i just couldn't find the line. the edmonton shout-out i promised greatkate did get in there, though. i said very nice things.

note to self: never post before pearl_o reads it. you know you have tense issues.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

12:50AM - face off

i just wanted to post this bit of chat as proof that we haven't abandoned hockey!lex. i should also say that pearl_o isn't always this mean.

this conversation started with this comment from slodwick.

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Friday, July 4, 2003

2:40PM - slod? you're up.

This will make more sense if you're familiar with selling_out. We're not very linear here, so don't worry that you've missed something. We jump back and forth as scenes come to us. I just couldn't wait to see them together *g*.

Buzz: Clark's still thinking about it ten days later.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2003


I have no idea where this came from. It was supposed to be something altogether different, but who am I to argue?

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Saturday, June 14, 2003

3:59AM - he doesn't score (yet)!

OK, I guess it's all on me right now. I hope this gets more people wanting to read than wondering what the hell we're doing.

This is a beginning. With a new slodicon for luck.

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