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Boys on Ice

he shoots, he scores

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a slodwick/dammitcarl collaboration

Metropolis Sugargliders: the team

Lex Luthor: the player

Clark Kent: the reporter

Howie: the dog

Helen: the ex-girlfriend

all-star games, arenas, assists, away games, beer, bench, big foam fingers, blood, blue lines, boarding, boards, bobble heads, body checking, breakaways, bruisers, center ice, centers, charging, coaches, colour men, contracts, cross checking, crossbar, cutting edge, defense, deflection, deking, draft day, elbowing, empty net, endboards, endorsements, enforcers, exhibitions games, expansion teams, face offs, fans, fighting, five for fighting, five hole, forechecking, forwards, franchises, free agents, game misconduct, giving 100%, glass, gloves, gloves and pads, goal sirens, goalies, goals, hat tricks, high sticking, highlights, hitting the showers, hockey, hockey cards, holding, home games, home ice advantage, homoeroticism, hooking, hot dogs, ice, icing, interference, interviews, jerseys, kneeing, land rovers, left wingers, linemates, linesmen, locker rooms, majors, minors, nets, neutral zone, nhl, nosebleed section, offense, offensive zone, officials, offsides, on the road, opposing teams, organ music, overtime, passing, pee-wee teams, penalty boxes, penalty kills, penalty shots, periods, play-by-play, playoffs, plus/minus, poke checking, popcorn, power plays, press conferences, press passes, private boxes, programs, puck bunnies, pucks, pulling the goalie, red lines, referees, reporters, right wingers, rinks, rosters, roughing, salary caps, saves, shorthanded, shots on goal, shutouts, signing bonuses, sin bins, skates, slapshot, slapshots, slashing, spearing, sports anchors, stadiums, stats, stickhandling, sticks, sudden-death, tape, teammates, teams, the crease, the stanley cup, the wave, three-on-three, tickets, time-out, top shelf, tripping, underdogs, unsportsmanlike conduct, we are the champions, wrist shots, youngbloods, zamboni