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he doesn't score (yet)!

OK, I guess it's all on me right now. I hope this gets more people wanting to read than wondering what the hell we're doing.

This is a beginning. With a new slodicon for luck.


It was a dog who welcomed Clark to the world of hockey. The St. Bernard bounded through the door, leaving paw marks on Clark's shirt and drool spots on his jacket.

"Howie!" a voice from inside yelled. "Howard!" again, sharper this time.

The dog was pulled away and slinked back to the window - to watch the game, Clark guessed. He brushed the hair off his suit, but if he didn't get it to the cleaner's tonight, it wasn't getting clean.

"Sorry about Howie. Game nights make him excitable."

Clark placed him immediately - red hair and blue eyes nobody else had - but he extended a hand to introduce himself anyway.

"Lex Luthor."

"Number seven. Right winger," Clark recited, shaking his hand. He studied Lex a moment too long. The red hair helped him stick out of any crowd and every magazine cover. Clark had never noticed the lips before, though.

"You a fan?" asked Lex, carefully.

Clark tore his eyes away, caught. "No. Reporter. Sorry." He dug into his pocket for his press pass, handing it over. "Clark Kent from the Daily Planet."

Lex fingered the ID a moment, grinning. "Nice picture, but you're in the wrong place, Clark Kent." He slipped it back into Clark's jacket pocket. "You must be the new kid over there."

Howie barked in the background as Lex lead Clark into the private box.

"Why do you say that?"

"Only rookies get stuck with the 'Gliders."

In their four year career, the Sugargliders had made the front of the Planet's sports section once: when the league made the expansion announcement. Clark knew what the assignment meant, and apparently, it wasn't a secret in Metropolis. The 'Gliders weren't the embarrassment of the lacrosse team they tried in Topeka, but even a Cup win would have them competing with the Sharks for inches.

"But you're gonna be different, right?"

Lex had asked the question before, had probably even handed the reporter the same blue bottle of water when the poor guy had wandered into the wrong box.

"Why aren't you playing?" Clark decided to say instead. He took the water and moved to the window, looking out over the action and the not-quite sold-out crowd. Howie stayed put, well-trained when he wanted to be. "I didn't see your name on the injury list."

Lex was quiet, waiting until Clark had turned around to speak.

"That's 'cause I'm not injured." There was a pause. "It was an altercation at practice. Coach decided I should sit this one out."

Clark reached into his coat for a pen, but Lex stopped him with a hand.

"Don't bother. My temper won't get you a byline."

He let his hand fall. Clark wanted to say something, but nothing came to mind. Instead, Howie barked, and a second later the goal horn sounded.

"That's my boy," Lex laughed, falling to the ground with the dog, scratching his stomach when Howie rolled over. Clark watched the crowd, trying not to wince when Howie bathed Lex's face with his tongue.

"Uh, I should get to the press box," Clark interrupted.

"Where the action is." Lex got up, wiping a hand on his jeans and pulling the other through his hair, straightening it as best he could. "Listen, I won't leak your rookie mix-up, if you don't say anything about Howie. He's really not supposed to be in here."

"Neither am I," Clark smiled.

"So, it's a deal?" Lex offered his hand. Clark shook it, ducking his eyes, trying not to linger, and not to get caught again.


Lex's lips curved into a smile you'd never find on a hockey card. "See you around, Clark Kent."
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Howard! Blue bottles! Lex's boyish charm! The hair!

Perfect, right out of the gate, doll!
tough act to follow, huh? *g*


So cute.
i know, didn't i steal that from every romantic comedy known to man? *g* thanks so much.
Eeee! So addictive and exciting, and I don't even like hockey! I am soooooo going to be checking every hour on the hour for new chapters -- this was a marvelous idea ya'll had ;)
yeah, slod was stealing the sports night tagline: it's about hockey the way charlie's angels is about law enforcement. but i'm always happy to get a new convert. thank you.
The Sugargliders!


IT's the first installment and already I'm entrenched!
that's always good to hear. easier to squueze feedback out of you that way *g*. thanks.


Did I mention the Eeeeeeeeeeeeee?
well, thank you. with all those exclamation marks, i'm taking it as a compliment *g*
*hugs and squees along*
Woo! and might I add an Hoo! Too cute. :)
i'll gladly take both, stick 'em together, and have myself a 'woo hoo'. thanks.
totally cool!!!
thanks! nice to see that 'cool' will never go out of style *g*.
i'm writing on behalf of girlcakes. unfortunately, she is in some sort of fiction-induced coma, and she doesn't appear to be snapping out of it any time soon. she's unresponsive to stimulae, and she keeps repeating "hockey. red hair. gliders." over and over again.

i think the only way to snap her out of it is for you to write more.

hee! i'll try. i'm sorry, but thank you *g*.

How can you manage to make the two of them so hot just talking with each other? I can't wait to read more. This is so much more fun than working on the story I should be finishing!
How can you manage to make the two of them so hot just talking with each other?

oh, it's not me; they do that all by themselves.

thank you. and you're welcome for the distraction. sorry it wasn't longer *g*.



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Re: Word!


13 years ago

Great start!
I’m eager for the next part!
And I love hockey. ;)
thank you. i'm glad there'll be some people who catch the lingo.

Aw, cuteness!

Although, dude. How many communities can you keep up with? I'm impressed.
no! i totally fixed that tense thing. grr. and thank you, sweetie. are you the only one who caught it, or the only one, like a friend who tells you when you have something in your teeth, with the guts to say it?

also, i have no life, haven't you heard?
Thank you so damn much! Yes, yes, yes!

::pauses:: Ok, I'm calm now. Not! I love this.

Uh, how can I join the watch the community function? It wouldn't take. Is it LJ being weird again or do I need to ask you directly? *scratching head and wondering what I did wrong*

::Pout!:: I want more Hockey!Lex in blue jeans and Reporter!Clark.
just friend the community as you would any user. that should work.

and thank you so much. there will be more soon (i hope.)

Re: Whee, hockey!


13 years ago

I like Howie. He's a good dog. Lex trained him to help him get hot men, didn't he?

lex will never tell *g*
Aw, Jess. I wasn't going to add big_foam_finger to my friends list. I know about as much about hockey as I do about AFL or syncronised swimming (that being: Other people do it, and I really have no interest in it).

Lex's lips curved into a smile you'd never find on a hockey card. "See you around, Clark Kent."

But looking at this piece, it's being added to the friends list right now. I'm too intrigued not to hang around and find out what happens next.

Oh well, it's not like my absolute lack of political knowledge has ever stopped me enjoying West Wing. *bg*
absolutely. slod knows nothing about hockey, either. it's really just an element of lex's character, something that's made him different from the lex you know.

*adds new conversion to saintly deeds list*

Deleted comment

thanks. you just have to remember that in my smallville, even in au, it's always about clark and lex.

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Yay, yay Hockey!!!

heh, glad you enjoyed.
Woah, how did I not know about this before RIGHT NOW?! This is great!
well, two people can only pimp so far; we're still trying to drum up support *g*. thanks!
Oh boy, Jess you really know how to pull a person in, don't you? I follow all of your au's and can't wait for more. Okay, so when are you two going to stop having a life and get back to writing (so I can have one by reading)?
thank you so much. well, i'm working on my second story, and slod keeps telling me she's writing something *g*. it's on the list!
Okay, color me hooked. lol sarmsphnx and dammitcarl pointed me in this direction. I very much like it. Picturing a red-headed Lex on the floor with a St. Bernard? *giggles* Oh yeah. I'm hooked.

well, thank you. i appreciate it.


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